Using Feedly

Most of you have heard the news that Bloglovin was blocked by Yahoo's Tumblr. And to be honest, I am not liking Bloglovin anymore due to the fact they focus more on Fashion and Beauty. I am a lifestyle blog I guess you could say. I don't do fashion nor do I even wear a smidge of makeup. Maybe mascara and lip gloss from time to time.

I have noticed that Bloglovin has became pretty much a pissing contest or a "whos who". It has also became more social. You know, liking or faving someones post. The sharing part I like. But guess what... Feedly has the share option too.

I just don't care for the socializing aspect of Bloglovin. Next they will probably add the ability to chat with one another. I just want a reader where I can customize what I want to see, how I see it. You can do that with Feedly. I really like that. You can even change the colors.

So you want to start using Feedly now but you don't want to sit there for hours searching for someone. And I bet you have a ton of people in your reader. But how do you transfer them all? Go to here and export the OPML file. It will allow you to back up the blogs you currently read on Bloglovin. Next, click on the 3 dots at the bottom of your Feedly and go to organize. Like so:

Now upload your OPML file and you are finished! Here's where it gets fun. You can mess around with it and play with the preferences (if you want magazine style, list style, compact, etcetcetc) and themes (colors).

What if you want to add a "subscribe to" link/button in your blog?? Go to the Feedly factory and set that up! They even have buttons you can use that they provide. Sadly, they don't have an icon available for Font Awesome, but it has been brought to their attention. We just gotta keep checking to see if it's been added. You can follow my blog here or you can go to the Subscribe link in my navigation bar at the top and click on the link to my Feedly.

You can also add Feedly to your browser (like Bloglovin). If you have Mozilla (like me) go here, for Chrome users go here. They even have mobile apps for your Droid or Apple product.

There you go! I hope this little tutorial has helped. If you are having issues with it, please leave your comment below along with your email and I will try my best to help you!


Dial Acne Soap

This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are true and my own.

source: dialsoap.com

I suffer from acne. Bad. And it's different types of acne. One month my face will be covered with cystic acne. Those are big, red bumps as hard as rocks with nothing inside. Those are the worst. It actually feels like I have been punched in the face. And my most common places for cystic acne are along my jawline. Talk about painful.

 don't worry.. there's 3 more on the other side of my face - reason why my face is turned away from the camera and tons of filters have been applied.

I have tried almost every possible remedy (and home remedies too) to get rid of these pesky zits. They sure do lower my self esteem when I am covered in them. Last year they migrated to the middle of my back!! I am a very clean person, don't get me wrong.. I had just developed adult acne. I was lucky to never have to deal with this in my youth.

I received an email from Bzzagent inviting me to test Dial Acne Control Soap. I was pretty excited for it, that I went ahead and bought the 2 pack of bars anyways to go ahead and try them. I was orignially using Shea Moisture African Black Soap and wasn't having ANY luck. So I would give the Dial soap a try.

I have been using Dial for about a month. As directed. And right there, it says on the packaging that it's clinically proven to improve skin in 3 days. It's been 30 days! I haven't seen not one change. Sure my face feels clean afterwards, but my acne still popped right back up and showed not one sign of getting any better.

The only thing that has every, truly worked is Proactiv. In my late 20's I developed acne (but not cystic acne) and I used Proactiv and it took exactly 3 weeks for my face to clear up and look like my toddlers baby face. But the problem is the price. $60-80 dollars every 2 months is very steep. But I am getting to the point where I think that is the only option for me if I want relief.

Here are the pros and cons of Dial Acne Control Soap:

P R O S :

• It has a lovely smell. And it does leave that wonderful smell on your face for many hours after.
• It does leave your skin feeling clean.
• Price. It's only $4.99 for 2 bars (or the liquid wash)

C O N S :

• It does NOT work. Even after using for 4 weeks, as described.
• It dries out your skin. I had the feeling of a rubbery face afterwards.
• Although I stated the soap had a lovely smell.... it's a very strong perfume-y scent. Most true acne face and body washes aren't supposed to be scented. It is in fact a skin irritant.

All in all, I will not purchase or use again. I will stick with shelling out $$$ to get some sort of relief. Because I am growing tired of this.

What about you? Do you suffer from acne like me? If so, what is your regimen?


10 Best // Fall Things

I know some readers hate fall season posts. Some of you are just now getting used to summer and aren't ready to be snowed on. I get that. I promise to not make this a satire fall post. You won't see any pumpkin type of items... and I like pie year round. Any kind of pie. I will eat pumpkin pie, drenched in whip cream, in the middle of summer. I like pie. Living in Florida, it's hot. Pretty fucking hot actually. So you won't see anything with boots or scarves as well.

So, now that you were forewarned... here's what I am excited for:

1. Cooler weather. Yes. It has been in the high 90's all summer long and that has interrupted my family walks and bike rides. Just the other day we tried walking at 7PM and the heat literally made me feel like I was going to puke. The only way to enjoy a 10 minute walk (if that) is walking up the street and back... at 8PM. When it's almost dark. I am ready for cooler weather so we can enjoy the walks and 3-5 mile bike rides.

2. My shows return. American Horror Story: Freakshow, Sons of Anarchy series finale and of course.. The Walking Dead. This season is going to be one intense season for TV. I am just happy that Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates are returning to AHS. It sucks that Jessica Lange is retiring. Because she MADE this show. For SOA.. I really hope Jax gets his revenge on Gemma and Juicy. Kurt Sutter is always good at surprising you. My love for The Walking Dead is only growing stronger. Not only does the show return, but part 2 of the LAST graphic novel book comes out too. Can't wait.

3. We are going to Halloween Horror Nights 24. It is in the works and we have the hotel already booked. Now that we have loosened the tight grip on Teagan and let her stay with Bill's parents, we are able to go and enjoy things with just the two of us. And since I treated him to The Grouch & Eligh last year for his birthday... his ass is walking with me and getting the bajeezus scared out of him this year. Which he hates. So I am totally winning. Because I don't like hipster rap.

Did I mention that The Walking Dead will be there AGAIN? It will be of last season where they were. Which sounds like the prison. That's 8 terrifying haunted houses this year. Oh man. I am beyond excited. And let's not forget the hotel stay. I love staying overnight in hotels.

4. Fall is the season for a ton of candy. Halloween and trick or treating, Thanksgiving or just because. Because chocolate tastes so much better in cold(er) weather. Hint: it doesn't melt.

5. Binge watching horror movies. Somewhere in September, TV stations (and premium channels) start to show horror movies. Vintage and new. The horror movies I am excited to see are Chernobyl Diaries, Black XMAS (and I will be ready to watch that in December as well) and Nightmare On Elm Street. I also can't wait for the movie theaters to release As Above, So Below and Annabelle. Talk about scary.

6. Album drops. Since I have a record player now, I'd like to get some new albums that are coming out on vinyl. Some albums that are coming out are Taylor Swift: 1989, Angels & Airwaves, Rihanna, Smashing Pumpkins, Hollywood Undead, Limp Bizkit and Madonna. What can I say. I love music.

7. The release of the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 update. And no, this doesn't mean I am getting the iPhone 6... it means I can get the iPhone 5s in gold. Because the price dropped AND my upgrade will be available. Boom.

8. Using my crockpot even more. Sure I use it now, but to be Frank... a crockpot is really made for cold weather. Now I can be lazy when it comes to dinner this year. And I plan on creating a bunch of crockpot dinners. Just you wait and see.

9. Teagan gets to dress up this year as Elsa for Halloween. I have the dress and her hair is perfect. All I need is the cape and a tiara...

I am not sure what Abby will be. She usually picks hers at the last minute because she's indecisive like me.

10. And last but not least. One word. One item of clothing. Hoodies.

What about you? What are you excited for? You know you are just excited and ready as I am


My Take on the VMAs

source: mtv.com

I am one huge music lover. I have a song for every mood and occasion. And for the past year, I have been liking the new music that's been coming out. 2013?? Not so damn much. But 2014 is definitely changing my mind.

I watched the 2014 VMA's last night. Like everyone else in the world. I had been pumping myself all up over the weekend with MTV and MTV2. I watched so many music videos it would have been a form of fucking torture. I am pretty sure my kids and Bill hated me.

I watched the Red Carpet of course. Gotta see all the weird and tacky outfits. And speaking of... tacky... outfits...

First.. why is Katy Perry with Riff Raff? Whyyyyyy?? For some of you who may not know... In the cheesy movie, Spring Breakers (which I DO fucking love with every inch of my soul... and yes it's a dreadful movie) James Franco's character is based off this lovely corn-rowed, pink hair guy... brah-vo.

But let's keep it real... Britney and Justin did it first and were way better at it... so suck on the Perry and Raff.

yah... take note Katy.

I am just going to jump right into the awards... I got things to do......

Jessie J, Ariana & Nicki... meh... sure. They did their thing. They sounded very  nice together. And the song was pretty catchy. Thumbs up.

Until Nicki did her solo... 

All I can say is dayuuuum. The video is one thing but to see her perform it is another. She's my hero. At first I thought it was quite graphic but watching it a second time changed my mind. She's embracing her figure. Because I ain't no skinny bitch either... GET IT GURL!!

I mean she even performed through a wardrobe malfunction. Who else can pull this off??

Robin Williams tribute... uuuhhmmm... that was IT? Only 5 photos with a clip of a song... and that's it?? C'mon MTV... you glorify teen sex and pregnancy but you ..... never mind. Just SMH...

Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea...

Iggy is getting better and better as she keeps going. I like her. I think she will get a lot better in the future.

But Rita?? Rihanna from 3 years ago called... she wants everything back................

The Kardashian/Jenner bitches sisters... Common came out and had a very touching speech and silent moment for Ferguson and Michael Brown. Their reaction?????

Kim was even caught asking "Who is Ferguson??" Seriously? How disgusting. I can't stand these chicks at all.

Taylor Swift... her performance (on the stage... not the crowd) was awesome! I think she is finally starting to sing what she REALLY is all about. And I think that being Lorde's best friend helped a little. The whole thing was just friggin CUTE as hell!!

But her dancing in the audience and her outfit was definitely a side-eyer...

More observants by me were the following: Jim Carrey busting his ass, Miley Cyrus using her award accepting moment on a homeless teen. It was pretty touching. The commercials were pretty funny. The way Gwen Stefani clapped with her fingers and Ariana Grande's hippy boots and high as fuck pony tail. What's that saying? The higher the hair... the higher to Jesus? Yes? No?

But face it. The real part of the show was of course... Queen Bey...

SHE shut that shit down. It is a whopping 17 minutes of pure gold. And of course when the whole Carter family got up there.. it was very sweet... especially this moment....


That certainly debunks everyone's jayz/beyonce divorce rumor.

What about you? What were your thoughts?

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Friday Faves

It's Friday and that means it's time to join Amanda, Lauren Elizabeth and Bell for my faves or whatever it is that I am diggin at the moment.

1. Favorite Fonts - a few of you liked it when I shared my favorite fonts and said you wanted more, so here you go! Some of my favorite fonts I have found in the past week:

2. Old Song - I wasn't feeling good the other day and I decided to take a late night shower and listen to Sia Radio on iTunes Radio... this song came on and it brought back hella memories and I couldn't stop singing it!

Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick on Grooveshark

3. Tv Show - Okay for real though. I love horror. I love syfy and I love anything zombie or weird health break out related. The Strain is my newest obsession. I am beyond grossed out half of the time and yet I am terrified on the other!!!!

enjoy your lunch today ;)

4. Sharing your Instagram photos on Twitter... again - So I saw Cocorrina sharing her Instagram photos on her Twitter account like it used to do before Instagram removed that feature back in Dec of 2012. Remember that one guys? Well I found a way to do that again! Head on over to IFTTT and set yours up right now!! It stands for: If THIS then THAT... get it?? Awesome.

It looks like this. You have other options to share as well and there are so many features. Why didn't I sign up for this earlier I have NO clue!

5. Favorite home item - My Grandfather clears out homes after people leave things behind or if someone passes away. He gets to keep the junk that is left over and can do whatever he wants to with them. He has some pretty awesome vintage junk all over his house. So much stuff, he had to rent out another home to store the stuff. I have grabbed a few items like Pyrex bowls, a beach basket puller with BIG wheels and this awesome as fuck photo I now hang in my home....

c'mon... poverty DOES suck.. right??

6. Favorite purchase - My coffee pot finally took a poo and it was time for another one. This time instead of dropping $$$ on a Kuerig or a bright, colorful brand I had never heard of... I spent only $20 bucks on a Mr. Coffee pot. And my coffee has never tasted so damn good. I will stick with Mr. Coffee from now on.

Have a great weekend!!



Yes. That image and quote up there is yours for the taking. Right click and save it to your hard drive. Share it on twitter, pinterest, instagram, facebook, etcetcetc. I made it for everyone. As a daily reminder to help bring peace. Sure it won't cause world peace over night. But damn. We can all hope and pray... right??

The world news lately have been a real eye opener for me. With the bombings in Gaza and the cruel and inhumane beheading of freelance journalist James Foley. Not to mention the endless days of protests and riots in Ferguson. What happened to our society?? Is it the music? The movies? Video games? What??? I just don't understand.

I ache for peace. We all do. At least I hope we all do. I don't want to see anymore children taken from their parents. I don't want anymore innocent people murdered. I want all authority to quit being trigger happy and keep their hands to themselves.

I am terrified for both of my daughters future. What does it hold for them? Will they have to watch their back like the children in other countries? Will they be taken from me and sold to be young wives or soldiers? Will America eventually become the "former" land of the free? Will we ever get a president that stops everything he's doing... even if it's a golfing vacation to fix what is broke?!?

The answer to all of those questions I ask daily are simply... "I don't know". Because you or I don't have one clue what will happen. And that scares me. So bad.

Yesterday I looked up the hashtag #ISIS and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. My eyes filled up with tears at all the images I had come across. I felt ashamed for looking at them. And I also felt anger. Because I saw all the hate. I saw blood. I saw dead children. I saw James Foley. And then I put my phone down and sobbed. I sobbed so hard I never knew I had that much hurt and tears in me. I went to bed at exactly 8PM and let my husband take care of the kids. I just couldn't shake the images I had seen.

This morning I woke up with anxiety. All day. I sobbed some more. I prayed. It took me sitting down and just thinking about happy thoughts to remotely feel any thing other than sadness. It worked. But it hasn't lasted long.

What has this world come too? It is falling apart at the seams. I haven't seen any joyful news when I open up a news website or social media outlet. It's just bad stuff after bad stuff.

So, for today, phone is put away and I will try my best to shake the images my eyes have seen. It's really hard to scrub it from my brain though. But I am trying.

I may not be a religious person... but I think now is the time for it. So God bless to you all. I love you all. Please don't look at those images or videos. It will haunt you. It will hurt you. It is reality, yes. But sometimes... things are better left unseen. Just take my word for it.

-God is love.